Handmade vs. Factory Made Acoustic Guitars

As of today, the acoustic guitar is considered to be one of the most popular musical instruments. Because of the massive demand in the market, guitar industry has expanded into a huge market today. This particular market consists of wide array of products ranging from cheap guitars to custom made ones.

Factory Made Acoustic Guitars

In order to comply with the huge demand exist in the market for guitars, large companies opt to manufacture guitars using assembly-line production techniques. Because of such method, these companies can manufacture a large number of guitars within a small time frame, utilizing minimum manual labor. Although these factory-made guitars have less human touch and individual attention, a certain amount of quality is maintained during the production. One of the most attractive features associated with factory made guitars is that their affordability; since products are manufactured in bulks, the cost per unit is remarkably low. That is why such guitars are available even in discount shops these days.

Handmade Acoustic Guitars

When it comes to manufacturing the handmade guitars, however, the things are pretty different. Most of the process is carried out manually, with hand held tools. There is no line assembly system involved with handmade guitars. Each and every piece of these guitars is made by an expert guitar maker (who is known as a luthier). Because of this manual process, each guitar is different from the other; a custom guitar is made once. It is the luthier who hand picks the necessary materials (such as wood) to create a unique instrument every time. In fact, the guitar making process is considered to be an art that requires a lot of skill, craftsmanship, creativity and patience; this is why handmade guitars are not available of cheap prices in discount shops.

Why Purchase A Handmade Guitar Over A Factory Made One?

Handmade acoustic guitars have reserved a prominent place in the music industry. Although modern technology has facilitated large scale companies to manufacture guitars using automated machineries (factory built), true guitar enthusiasts across the globe still have the preference of purchasing a handmade guitars.

Most of these professional acoustic guitarists believe that their guitars should have the touch of the professional luthier throughout the manufacturing process. With such approach, each and every piece of their guitar gets a close attention assuring the supreme performances. For many decades, even after the introduction of the factory-built guitars, handmade guitars have a unique and undying demand amongst the professional acoustic guitarists.
Some of the advantages associated with handmade guitars are;
In general, each and every handmade guitar is made using components that are comparatively easier to repair
A strong link will be developed between the player of the guitar and the luthier
Deepening on the player’s preference, ha

Handmade guitars may include more facilities and options over the factory built ones

Despite all the facts mentioned above, it is the player’s preference whether to go for a handmade unique guitar or purchase a factory made guitar weighing the pros and cons.